Jobs in Tricked Esport

Wondering about becoming an Esports-coach?

Want to turn your passion for esports into a job? At Tricked Esport we are always looking for new coaches to join our team of over 50 paid esports coaches.
Here you can teach Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, Valorant & Minecraft
And don't worry - we'll get you started and give you all the tools needed to become a great esports coach.


The most important thing is the will

We don't expect you to be a world champion. Because as an esports coach, it's about you being:
  • Experienced in esports and your game

  • Good at teaching others

  • Responsive and reliable

  • Mature and thrive in an independent job

  • Min. 18 years old

    Most important?
    That you want to become a good trainer and learn from your experience.
    Then we'll take care of the rest: lots of drills, coaching with our coaches, and all the support you need.
  • Would you like to hear more?

    Martin er vores træner-ansvarlige

    And he's ready to have a chat with you about how to get started with a job in esports

    Catch him here

    Martin Eckhaus

    Head of Education

    or by phone 42234642 - please send a text message.

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